KARACHI - The trend of bodies in gunny bag proves existence of torture cells in various no-go areas dominated by different political parties- backed militant groups.At least a dozen gunny bag decomposed bodies were found from different areas of the metropolis and the victims were kept in the torture cells before their last breath. The surrounding areas of Lyari, Pak Colony, Garden, Saeedabad and PIB colony, Nishter Basti were the prominent areas where decomposed bodies are usually found.It is pertinent to mention here that majority of the people were picked up and killed because of their ethnic affiliation and had no affiliation with any political party. People having political parties and gangsters affiliations are aware about the consequences therefore they avoid even passing through the areas dominated by rival groups. Therefore, innocent people are usually abducted and murdered.The abduction of non-combatants is a matter of routine in the surrounding areas of Lyari, Pak Colony, Shairshah but emerging battle ground in district central where rival ethnic groups are engaged in exchange of fir and also abduct non-combatants passing through their dominated areas.The gunfight between the rival ethnic groups have been continued in between Pir Elahi Bux Colony and Nishter Basti, Karnal Basti and Mono Goth located in between Esa Nagri and Old Subzimandi area where exchange of fire claimed several lives and now some six people were killed last week.Abduction of non political persons became a routine mater in the surrounding areas of Askari Park located at Old Subzi Mandi area of PIB Colony police station. Political parities are not even able to raise their voices and such people have been victimised over suspicion. Umar Ayub, a resident of Liaquatabad picked up near from the Old Subzimandi last Thursday morning when he was on his way to home on a motorbike.  He was taken to the house located inside Pukhtoon-dominated area where he was subjected to torture for giving a massage to the rivals.He said that they let him free while saying that gave the massage to the MQM workers that let our activist’s free otherwise get ready to receive the bodies of detained persons.Ayub reached home in the wee hours on last Friday and was reluctant to inform police about the incident because police and rangers were not far from the point when he was picked up.Ayub said at least a dozen young were already kept in the said torture cell and were subjected to torture and their political affiliations have been scrutinised.They were checking wallets, mobile phone index, pictures and ring tones to ascertain the political affiliation, he said.Another resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Baber alias Boobi, brother of Kashan alias Shani activist of MQM was sitting at Juice shop when gunmen came out from Mekasa Apartment and tried to pick up him when he hardly managed to escape. Bodies of three Baloch, residents of Lyari from Garden area on Tuesday proved the existence of torture cells across the city because they just visited Zoological garden when unknown assailants picked them up and threw their bodies after brutal torture.Police declined to comment when asked about the abduction of non-political persons detained on ethnicity but bodies of innocents have been found in routine from different areas of the city.