General Jagjit Singh Arorra, the hero of the Indians, who commanded the operation to separate the eastern wing of Pakistan (now Bangladesh), was removed from his office only because he summoned the nerve to issue a political statement. And now the current Army Chief General Bikram Singh has asked the Indian government not to accept a proposal initiated by Pakistan that both the armies in the Siachen Sector withdraw to their pre-1984 positions. India captured Pakistani territory, including the Quaid Post located at an altitude of 22,700 feet. The argument offered by the General is that Indian army personnel offered great sacrifices to capture heights in that sector which are strategically very important. But he has conveniently forgotten that the said territory belongs to Pakistan and if peace has to be restored; his troops would have to vacate it and go back to previous positions.General Singh availed this opportunity to once again allege that the Chinese troops were present in Azad Kashmir adding that he had informed his government about what is happening on the other side of the fence. One wonders, how current diplomatic efforts can succeed if India sticks to its previous stances on such sensitive matters. The dialogue process as a result of which meetings are being held at various levels between Pakistan and India would be rendered fruitless if such attitudes persist.