The Supreme Court is grilling the provincial and federal secretaries, the IG FC, the IG Police and intelligence agencies about the poor law and order in Balochistan and has ordered them to take action to locate and produce missing persons, stop wanton killings in the province and check free movement of arms in unregistered vehicles. Basically, maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the provincial government. I wonder what role is being played in this regard by the Chief Minister and his Cabinet, which comprises more than 50 members as ministers and advisers. I also wonder why no one in the federal government is holding them accountable for their negligence and indifference. The Prime Minister recently issued a directive to the Chief Secretary of the province, directing him to implement the orders of the Supreme Court. Doesn’t this prove that the provincial political setup has collapsed completely and needs to be scrapped?Zafar Uddin, Rawalpindi, September 20.