RAWALPINDI – The Mareer Chowk Railway Tunnel project, costing Rs 429 million, would be awarded to contractor in next two weeks, said Director General, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), Chaudhry Nasir Ahmad.

Nasir Ahmad said that detailed design of the project has been prepared and forwarded to the chief engineer, Railways Bridges, Lahore.

He hoped that the detailed design would be approved within 10 days and if any change was suggested by Pakistan Railways, a revised design would be submitted to the same for re-approval. Quotations of contractors have been short-listed and contract of construction work of the project would be awarded in next two weeks, he added.

The project would help resolve the traffic congestion problem at the busiest chowk of the town. After construction of new tunnels on both sides of Mareer Chowk Railway bridge, the chowk would become signal free, he added.