LAHORE – The speakers at a seminar have urged the politicians, civil society and business executives to step forward and forget the past mistakes, as both India and Pakistan can make rapid progress only through partnership.

The Indo-Pak summit was organised by the Nutshell Forum in city with a view to transforming both countries economies through knowledge cooperation.

The conference was attended by 80 management experts from India while over 400 CEOs of the different Pakistani firms and companies also participated in it.

The summit featured intensive debates, presentations, keynote addresses, panel discussions and interactive sessions.

On the first day of seminar, besides others, the keynote speakers included Tata Communications Chairman Subodh Bhargava and Packages Limited adviser Syed Babar Ali.

Federal minister for finance Hafeez Sheikh and State Bank of Pakistan Governor Yaseen Anwar will also address the second day of the summit on Friday.

The speakers said that the objective of the summit included, knowledge sharing for sustainable development; promotions of bilateral relations between India and Pakistan; bringing gap between intelligentsia of two countries; sharing regional best practices and case studies; promotion of peace and harmony in South Asia and collaboration between professional associations and societies of India and Pakistan.