Defence Minister Naveed Qamar’s statement that Pakistan intends to build its own drone system, which is presently in its initial stage, will certainly raise eyebrows in a few world capitals. The drone aircraft would prove to be a useful weapon to fight terrorists like Al-Qaeda, Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, who are out to destabilize the country by launching attacks while hiding in the mountainous terrain of Fata. So far, CIA-operated drones have been carrying out operations against, what are termed ‘safe havens’ from where militants are accused of attacking foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan. Islamabad while seeking a halt to drone strikes in line with the parliament’s recommendations has, on several occasions asked the US to make drones available to it to enable it to more effectively attack terrorist hideouts, but in vain.It was in 2004 that the Kamra Rebuild Factory came out with an indigenous design of drones. Later, three more versions of it were designed. Kamra sought permission from the Ministry of Defence that was denied for unknown reasons. Now, the Defence Minister has indicated that Pakistan intends to start production of its own drones. Media reports suggest that there already have been several successful test flights of the pilot-less plane. One wonders why the request for production was denied, in the first place. We must equip our forces with latest weapons to make them a strong, modern fighting force.