LALAMUSA - PML-N District leader and former Kharian Tehsil nazim Dr Javaid Riaz has said that people have fed up with the politics of hierocracy, favoritism, corruption and malice initiated by the PPP-led government. He was addressing a group of the rural people who joined the PML-N here the other day. He said that the PPP-led government destroyed all national institutions over the past four and half years in rule.He said that under the dynamic leadership of Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif several development projects had been completed. He said that the Punjab government had given practical shape to the slogan of provision of education, health, employment and other facilities to every citizen. While criticising the PPP leaderships, he said that the federal government gifted price-hike, unemployment and corruption to the poor masses and raised a non-issue of division of Punjab to create Seraiki province, just to gain their vested interests, adding that the people of the Punjab would not allow the PPP to envenom atmosphere among people of the province. However, he added that new provinces could be formed in all the four provinces on administrative basis after developing a national consensus.  He claimed that the PML-N would sweep all the four provinces in upcoming general elections.He asked the party workers to prepare for the upcoming general elections and convey the party message to everyone in their area, he concluded.