ISLAMABAD - Keeping in view the significance of economic sector across the globe, the influential Muslim world countries can jointly use oil and some other products as a weapon to compel the western powers to respect the religious beliefs of Muslim Ummah.  

In 1970s, the Muslim world under the leadership of Saudi King had successfully used oil as a trump card in Arab-Israel conflict, and this is also the time to use power of oil and other products to show solidarity of Muslim countries to the rest of the world, but unity is much important in this matter, said the leaders of different political and religious parties while expressing their feelings and emotions over the US blasphemous film.

Talking to TheNation, they said that Muslims all over the world should register peaceful protests in a civilized way to express their true and pure love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The protestors should not turn violent, as the real purpose could only be served with peaceful protests.

Talking about the importance of the role of overseas Muslims, they said although Muslims in many countries are in minority yet they should express solidarity through their acts. They said through social media in a counterattack, their love with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be spread in every nook and corner of the world. Peaceful protests should be registered in front of state office (Washington DC) so that they realise the emotions of the Muslims, they proposed.

PPP former minister for religious affairs Hamid Saeed Kazmi suggested that Muslims all over the world should jointly give message to the rest of the world to stop trade relations with certain countries (including USA, Denmark and Canada), if such kind of hatred material in any shape was made public in future.

Quoting the example that Saudi king who had once banned Oil import in some of the country, he said that such kind of examples should be set in front the world. He said that conspiracy could not be ruled out in this matter but protestors should not turn violent in their protests.

Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Kamil Ali Agha said that overseas Muslim's role is much important in this sad episode as with logical argument they can register their protest. "Muslims have never spread hatred material of any religion and this is the strong argument to convince rest of the world to avoid such things in future," he said adding that within the limits they can register protest against the blasphemous film.

Having almost same kind of emotions, Pakistan Muslim League (N) spokesman Asim Khan Niazi said that overseas Muslims should also register their peaceful protests within prescribed parameter.

"Keeping in view the traditions of foreign countries Muslims should register their protest," he said adding that the real purpose of the protest could only be served if it is organized in a civilized way. He further said that Muslims are already registering their protests all over the world.

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Fareed Parach was of the view that millions of marches should be held around the world to express love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). "Overseas Muslims should spread pamphlets, booklets, video CDs about their love with Islam in their countries as it would give a positive message," he said adding that though the role of overseas Muslims is much important in this matter but they should never be violent in their protest.

When contacted, Muattahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) senior member said that Muslims living abroad especially America, Canada, Denmark etc should register their peaceful protest in their country in a civilized way. "These protests would not only express love with our Prophet (PBUH) but will also give a message that Muslims cannot afford a single word against their religious personalities," he added.   

Commenting on the role of overseas Muslims, Awami National Party (ANP) Zahid Malik said that United Nations (UN) should make such kind of laws as no country could dare to make hatred or blasphemous material against any other.

He further said that overseas Muslims ought not stress to go for protests as every country has its own traditions and laws.

Whereas, JUI-F central leader Ghafoor Haideri said that albeit Muslims in many of the countries are in less number but they should express their love with peaceful protests. "They should express that love with their prophet (PBUH) cannot be compromised at any cost," he remarked.

Talking about Libya's incident Haideri said that this incident could be avoided if concerned country (US) had taken immediate steps to nab writer and producer of sacrilegious film. "It is only due wrong tackling of matter by US," he said adding that conspiracy in this matter could not be rule out.

PPP (S) Aftab Sherpao commented that the role of Muslims living in America, Canda, Denmark and rest of the country is also much important, as they should also register their peaceful protest. Conspiracy in this matter also could not be rule out as this blasphemous film came on surface after the dates of 9/11.

"Muslims feeling and emotions are badly hurt because of this hatred material... It is a very serious matter and Muslims should take it in a serious manner," he added. He also proposed that social media could also be used to spread love with Islam.

Fata parliamentary leader in national assembly Munir Orakzai in his views said that Muslims all over the world should not sit silent and go for peaceful protests.

Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) Talal Bugti was of the view that those found involve in this heinous activity should be dealt with iron hand. Those who are responsible in this activity should be killed so that no person in future dares to go for such blasphemous activity.