KARACHI - The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has decided to disseminate monthly statistics of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) both on “inflows” and “outflows” basis in order to provide a clear picture of foreign investment in the country.

Earlier, the SBP used to disseminate monthly FDI statistics on net basis, an official of the SBP said here on Thursday.

It may be pointed out that the foreign investors invest in resident enterprises in various forms and the investment is recorded as “inflows”. At the same time, some investors disinvest whole or part of their investment and the disinvestments are recorded as “outflow” of FDI. Standard procedures and mechanism are in place to collect and compile information on different forms of inflows and outflows of FDI and statistics on inflows, outflows and net inflows (inflows-outflows) of FDI will now be disseminated for general users, it was further stated.