It is being said that the garment factory lacked appropriate fire-fighting equipment, as well as other necessary safety precautionary measures had not been adopted. Had the officials concerned ensured observance of rules and regulations that exist to minimise the occurrence of such accidents, then the loss could have been considerably minimised. Politicians have been showing sympathy with the victims of the tragedy, but, in reality, they are making political mileage. The amount of compensation to the victims’ families should not remain limited to what the Sindh Chief Minister has announced. The families of the victims should be given additional compensation. This amount should be paid by the owners of the factory. Those conducting the inquiry into the tragedy should not lose sight of this aspect while finalising their report. The situation demands that a thorough inquiry into the incident is completed in the shortest possible time. But the possibility that this would happen is remote because several inquiries into the incident have been ordered. There would be issues of jurisdiction and terms of reference given to the various inquiry committees etc. Such difficulties can be avoided if all concerned authorities sit together and constitute one inquiry committee, which should be given comprehensive terms of reference and a timeframe to finalise the inquiry.The occurrence of such incidents in Pakistan from time to time is indicative of the fact that neither factory owners have mended their ways, nor the performance of the government authorities concerned have improved over time. The media should responsibly keep the public informed about the progress on the incident.KHALID IDREES, Islamabad, September 20.