KARACHI  - Pakistan being the 9th largest country in term of labor force size, with a total labour force of almost 55 million need to ensure decent work and proper working environment for all its workers, said Francesco d Ovidio, the ILO Country Director for Pakistan on Thursday .According to an ILO communication of Memorandum Understanding on the 2nd Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP II) sponsored by ILO - Pakistan, Ovido said there was also an urgent need to promote social justice through decent work. The ILO director appreciated that through the MoU the government, organizations of employers and workers have reaffirmed their commitment to promote the cause of social justice.The ceremony among others was also attended by government representatives and representatives of the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan and Pakistan Workers’ Federation.The DWCP II outlines key areas of ILO assistance to the tripartite constituents:  federal and provincial governments, employers’ and workers’ organization over a six year period.ILO representative to Pakistan also emphasized the need to align the labour legislation with the ratified International Labour Standards.He said ambiguities between the federal and provincial labour legislation were also needed to be removed besides overcoming the existence of weak to negligible labour regulation. He also hinted at the sluggish pace of implementation of policies on child labour and bonded labour. D’Ovidio indicated that the lack of a systematic delivery system of competency-based vocational/technical and employability skills; insufficient coverage of  social security system; and poor application of cccupation safety and health were also contributing to problems for workers, subsequently affecting the productivity of enterprises and the economy.Police arrest 36 outlaws: Karachi police apprehended 36 suspects during last 24 hours in different areas of city in crackdown against criminal elements to curb crimes in the metropolis, claimed police on Thursday.As per release, Karachi police launched targeted operation, and held four encounters, in which one gang was busted, while a cop was injured.Police recovered 14 pistols, one revolver, one hand grenade and mobile phones from the possession of suspects.