ABBOTTABAD: The leader of JUI-F Maulana Fazal-ur-Rahman while addressing the Workers Convention said that afghan refugees had come to us with their jeremiad.

JUI-F leader was of the opinion that migration might be forced but the return couldn’t happen with external influence.

Fazal-ur-Rahman also told in his address that an oppressed strategy was applied in the return of refugees and instead should have been done through diplomatic means. He declared that our tribesmen also migrated once.

Fazal-ur-Rahman said that afghan refugees were sent back from KPK and other parts of the country and that his party had notified the prime minister in this regard.

While addressing the Workers Convention, Maulana was also of the view that American forces spread massive bloodshed in the land of Afghanistan and also the rest of Muslim world.

He further told that America had done everything to degrade Muslims. “If there is peace in Afghanistan then what is still US doing in the country,” he said.