Lahore, where brands are launched almost every day, be it popping from some eateries or attires, witnessed another successful collaboration and launch party under the brand of ‘Crimson Luxe by Saira Shakira’.

The collection, ‘Call Her Diva’, presented its 12 unstitched designs on luxury fabrics, with intricate details and beautiful embellishments. The event, attended by famous models, socialites and fashion journalists, was a success.

No doubt, we have professional designers working in our fashion industry. When I say this, I can demonstrate it by quoting ‘who and what!’ In 2012, two friends, distinction holders, graduated from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) and moved towards the business of dress designing. Since the ladies were talented, so the brand named ‘Saira and Shakira’ got eminent among the glitterati of the country.

On the other hand, Crimson Pakistan headed by Anum Javed Akram, a University of Harvard alumni, came into limelight in March 2016 and launched its lawn, primarily focussing on the scorching weather of our country.

As it is said that like attracts like; both the brands collaborated and launched the luxury unstitched collection ‘Crimson Luxe by Saira Shakira’. The event took place on August 24, at Cosa Nostra, Lahore.

The guests not only enjoyed the mouth-watering food, but were also able to book their clothing items.

Kudos to Amjad Bhatti and Sundus Mustafa for making this event an immense success.