Pakistan is facing many challenges nowadays, both internally and externally. Perhaps the most important of these concerns is the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). Its timely and safe completion is a major challenge for our civil and military leadership. 

China import 6 million barrels of oil on a daily basis over a distance of 12000 km, and the distance would reduce to 3000 km after the completion of the project. The economic corridor would also add 20 billion dollars to China’s treasury and almost 5 billion dollars to Pakistan’s treasury. Another important aspect of this project is its deep sea route; with a depth of almost 17 m, it will be the deepest sea port. 

The project will be a game-changer for Pakistan, especially Baluchistan. It is the economic potential of this project that is forcing India, USA, and others to sabotage this project. RAW is actively involved in Baluchistan creating hurdles for CPEC. But China and Pakistan are fully aware of these nefarious designs. China recently warned India for plotting to disrupt the 46 billion dollar CPEC project. Our political and military leadership is also determined to complete this project. COAS General Raheel has also warned India, saying, “Whether it is Modi, RAW, or anybody else, we have come to comprehend the conspiracies of enemies.” Our politicians should also display their determination and resolve beyond personal interests to complete this project.We are hopeful that Insha’Allah this project will be completed on time and will turn Pakistan into an economic hub. 


Lahore, September 2.