LAHORE - The Difa-e-Pakistan Council has declared the nation stands united for the defense of the country’s geographical and ideological borders and will face the Pakistan’s enemy and its agents within the country like one man.

Liaqat Baloch, the chairman of DPC Steering Committee, told a press conference at the Lahore Press Club yesterday that the Kashmiris’ struggle for independence and right of self determination had reached a decisive stage. “India has lost her nerves and has stooped to dirty tactics to malign Pakistan by maneuvering false attacks,” he added.

Baloch, who is secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami, said the Uri attack had been orchestrated by India herself to hide her brutalities in Held Kashmir and to prevent Pakistan from supporting the Kashmiris in their just struggle.

The Steering Committee appreciated the resolve at the Corps Commanders meeting to give a befitting response to the enemy threats and suggested that Azad Kashmir should be made base camp for Kashmir liberation and the Kashmiris should be extended all out support in their struggle.

“The agencies have solid evidence of Indian network and its involvement in Karachi and Balochistan which should be brought before the world community,” Baloch added.

He was flanked by Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki, Hafiz Ibtesam Elahi Zaheer, Sardar Muhammad Khan Leghari, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha and Waheed Sheikh.

The DPC Steering Committee chairman also condemned the anti-Islam and inhuman activities of Bangladesh government and the executions of JI leaders, and said this was being done at New Delhi’s behest.

“India is building an anti-Pakistan alliance in Held Kashmir, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, and wants to make Bangladesh her colony,” Liaqat Baloch said while calling upon the Pakistan government to challenge Dhaka’s activities in the International Court of Justice in the light of the tripartite agreement between Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

He termed the tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan as a serious matter and said that enemy forces had joined hands against the China Pakistan Economic Corridor while there was anarchy within the country.

He disapproved the government strategy regarding Afghan refugees and said the insulting behavior towards the Afghan refugees should be stopped and all political leaders should sit together to evolve a policy in this regard. He said the restrictions on the Afghan students’ admissions to educational institutions should be removed. He welcomed the extension in the period of Afghan refugees stay for a year and said that the procedure for the return of the refugees should be worked out in consultation with the Refugees Shoora,.

The committee decided to hold an APC in Islamabad on October 4. It also decided to meet the Federal Interior Minister, the Minister for Defense and the Minister for Border Areas.

The committee also decided to hold public meetings at Quetta, Peshawar and Islamabad and stage sit-in at Islamabad to prevent the rulers from making friends with India. It also decided to keep in contact with the Afghan Refugees Shoora for the solution of the refugees problems on humanitarian basis and to maintain fraternal ties between the two countries.

The committee also decided to meet the Media Houses owners and their administration. It decided to stage Awami March from Muzaffarabad to Chakothi to highlight the Kashmir issue.