New Delhi: Turning Pakistan into an international pariah is a task that’s more easily said than done, Indian newspaper Hindustan Times has cautioned the government.

The newspaper said for five main reasons, India would not succeed in its designs to isolate Pakistan internationally. It said the first reason is that there is little condemnation of the Uri attack. While the UK referred to Uri as a part of “India-administrated Kashmir”, the US dubbed it as an attack in the Valley without specifically referring to Pakistan. Even Russia made a qualified mention of the Islamic country, stating: “We are also concerned about the fact that, according to New Delhi, the army base near Uri was attacked from Pakistani territory.”

The second point that goes in favour of Pakistan is that it is a useful ally to superpowers, including US and the UK, and this gives it considerable leverage on the international arena.

Third point is that Indian efforts to use the United Nations sanctions committee to tighten the noose on Pakistan-based individuals have consistently run into opposition from China. Unless India procures Chinese support through painstaking diplomacy and a smart give-and-take approach, Beijing would have little incentive to annoy Pakistan.

Fourth reason mentioned by the newspaper is that the US has been playing both sides for years now, as far as Indo-Pakistan relations are concerned. One of the main reasons why the Americans are loathe to upset Pakistan is its geographical position. As long as its troops are stationed in Afghanistan and the peace process in the strife-torn country remains a non-starter, the US will continue to perform the balancing act.

The fifth point that goes in favor of Pakistan is that Islamabad always plays smart when it comes to shuffling its diplomatic cards. Pakistan enjoys the backing of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC).