SRINAGAR: The United Jihad Council while dismissing India’s claim has said that the youth killed after being dubbed infiltrators by Indian Army were detained innocent Kashmiris, who were killed in fake encounters in Uri.

A UJC spokesman in a statement said, “It’s a fabricated story to hoodwink and mislead Indian population on the one hand and the international community on the other, amid unrelenting repression in the held territory.” He termed the Army’s statement as a pack of lies aimed at diverting the world attention from the worst-ever atrocities unleashed by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.

“Already a heavily militarized area, military concentration has seen increased in Uri after Sunday’s attack. In the presence of such a tight security apparatus, how can anyone infiltrate from across the Line of Control,” he questioned. Terming it a fake encounter, the UJC spokesman said Indian army’s history was replete with such fake encounters.

“In fact, all those alleged intruders were innocent Kashmiri detainees facing unlawful incarceration in different prisons and interrogation centers. They were brought there and gunned down to compensate the indignity and embarrassment Indian troops earned on Sunday,” the spokesman added.