Lahore High Court has ordered to lift ban on the screening of the film 'Maalik', reported Waqt News. 

According to recent reports, LHC has ordered to lift the ban on the film 'Maalik' in Punjab. The court has stated that the ban is a violation of Article-19 and 19A.

Released in April this year, 'Maalik' was banned throughout Pakistan by the authorities due to its supposed provocative content. 

In June, opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed challenged the film’s ban in LHC. The petition adopted stance that after the approval of 18th amendment, federal government has no legal authority to impose ban on films.

The plea argued that no such scenes have been filmed which can create chaos in the society.

The verdict was reserved by Justice Shams Mehmood Mirza on September 19 after both the parties concluded their arguments.

Asher Azeem while speaking to The Nation said, "I am Thankful to the LHC for lifting the ban", and further said, "I am proud of the people of Pakistan, because they took a stand on their own and filed a petition in court. I never filed a petition in Punjab, it’s solely an effort of the people of Punjab and I thank them from the bottom of my heart, for standing by me. It was an ‘awami movement.’”

Regarding the order of LHC he said, “Today’s verdict is a message for those people who think courts are not working in Pakistan, Courts are definitely working and providing justice too, it has restored faith in judiciary.”

Asher Azeem further discussed his future plans with The Nation, “'Maalik' was to be divided in two parts, now we are starting work on Maalik 2. The script has been written and soon things would be rolling.”

The veteran director also clarified that ISPR had nothing to do with the making of 'Maalik'. “ISRP neither asked me to make a movie nor funded it. Even my drama ‘Dhuan’ was not funded by them, I was only provided help with the scenes and venues. Apart from that ISPR has never been involved in any of my projects.”

Earlier this month, Sindh High Court (SHC) lifted the ban on 'Maalik' declaring the federal government’s ban on the film, illegal.

Maalik, was declared "uncertified" for the whole of Pakistan" by the Ministry of Information in May.