MULTAN-The lab tests have confirmed Congo fever in one out of six patients brought to Nishtar Hospital on suspicion of Congo Virus attack, hospital sources disclosed on Tuesday.

A woman namely Nasim Bibi, resident of Rajanpur, has been confirmed having Congo virus positive while the reports of the blood samples of her husband, son and brother sent to NIH Islamabad for tests are yet to be received.

Hospital sources further disclosed that two other patients namely Waqar Aziz, 24, resident of Lar and Khalid Mehmood, 43, from Multan, were also brought to the hospital on Congo fever suspicion. However, initial blood screening of Waqar Aziz confirmed that he is suffering from malaria while Khalid Mehmood turned out to be the patient of AIDS. Khalid was brought to the hospital with a 10-day-old fever.

Meanwhile, the district coordinator for dengue and Congo prevention programme Dr Ataur Rehman has said that the condition of Congo fever patient Nasim Bibi has improved. He told media that her platelets count has gone beyond one hundred thousand which is satisfactory.