LAHORE: While addressing a ceremony at Bedian road police training centre CM Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif was of the view that police was serving the nation day and night.

Shehbaz also acclaimed the sacrifices and counter-terrorism services of Punjab Police. He also congratulated all the security agencies on their high achievements however; he also mentioned that there was still a lot to do for deterring terrorism and meeting other challenges.

CM Punjab vowed that that they had to put a complete end to terrorism and he believed that Punjab Police would succeed in this mission.

Shehbaz Sharif was of the opinion that the wealthy ones affect the justice system through their money and that according to him was tantamount to the biggest tyranny

PML-N leader vowed that justice would be prevailed in the province and the culture of declaring a ‘tyrant’ as an ‘oppressed one’ would be put to an end.

“The nation wanted its rights from me and you and if we failed to fulfill our duties, the questions of poor masses would go unanswered,” he said.

He also directed that FIR of a common man should be filed without any reference.