LAHORE - Political temperature in the city is rising up as September 30 is drawing near when the PTI is due to hold a protest show at Plot Adda stop, Raiwind, near the residence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

From what has been taking place on the side of the PML-N and the PTI so far, the outlines of the upcoming situation does not auger well. Youth on both sides are highly charged up and preparing to deal each other with batons, tomatoes and rotten eggs wherein possibility cannot be ruled that these modest weapons would be turned into dangerous instruments as the situation aggravated in the time to come.

Interestingly none of the law enforcement agencies has so far taken note of the situation which is growing tense rather every moment and impression is deepening about a possible clash from the fact that agitated youth on both sides are being trained to fight under the patronage of the political leaders.

In the case of PML-N, this fact is more concerning as it is a party in rule and supposed to act for peace and maintenance of law and order in the province but it itself taken the lead in countering the PTI ehtesab march through the use of force.

The PML-N has set up a force of the youth on the title Janisaran-e-Nawaz Sharif which, as reports suggest, has programmed to register thousands of youth from Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Multan to forcibly check the way of PTI protestors to Jati Umra residence of Nawaz Sharif.

The PTI, on the other hand, is gearing up to defy the PML-N resistance. It has put its foot down to hold show on September 30 at Adda Plot, some four kilometers off Sharifs Jati Umra residence, where the party has so far expressed no mood to march.

The PML-N youngsters are drilling on the use of batons, tomatoes and eggs pelting, and other tricks which they feel necessary to restrain the PTI way to Jati Umra. The PTI youngsters are also getting ready but for the opposite purpose.

The first encounter of two parties was held on Saturday on the occasion of the inspection visit to the venue at Plot Adda by PTI City President Abdul Aleem Khan.

That day, workers from both sides chanted loud slogans against each other while some youth got electrified near to the clash scene with each other, which however was avoided with the interference of police and the sane elements.

Next day the PML-N show took place at Lahore Press Club where media men felt the heat of PML-N agitated youth while last day, the party workers again gathered at Plot Adda and formed a sizeable procession majority wielding clubs and wearing bands on the forehead to show commitment with the purpose. They chanted loud slogans against PTI chairman Imran Khan and the PTI.

On Monday, Punjab Government Spokesman Zaeem Hussain Qadri while talking to media expressed resolve to check the PTI way to Jati Umra using every means and advised Imran Khan to change the venue by September 25 after which they would not allow him to hold the protest anywhere.

The last day PML-N rally set one Rs100,000 reward for the person who would target face of Imran Khan on the protest day. So far it shows targeting Khan’s face with a tomato or egg. TV footage showed the PML-N youth training on the effigy of Imran Khan to hit him with tomatoes on the ‘D-day’.

On the PTI side, men and women both are flexing their muscles. The women held a ‘kaffan-posh’ demonstration while jingling bangles in their hand for the PML-N’s “Gullu Butts”.

PTI also held protest outside the Accountability court. The scope of confrontation is spreading to other cities and the emerging scene is also not appearing pleasing.

The ruling party and the rival PTI appear oblivious of the consequences of the situation if it took horrendous turn due to charged up youth on both sides. Amid this all has come out the voice of the Opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah who feeling pulse of the present time soaring heat and sensing its results, has appealed to both sides not to adopt a violent course and settle down things amicably and democratically. But so far no response has come from either side on Shah’s sahib supplication.