LAHORE - The petrol shortage was seen in some areas of the provincial capital where a number of petrol pumps were closed. However, the majority of the petrol pumps were selling petroleum products in a smooth way and no rush of customers and long queues were seen there.

Motorists in Mughal pura, Nawan Pul and Laal Pul areas reportedly faced shortage of petrol after some filling stations could not get timely supplies from Karachi. The closed petrol pumps created shortage in those areas causing commuters to face hardships. Hundreds of cars and motorcycles were lined outside those fuel stations where petrol was available. Cars were being sold petrol up to a limit of Rs500 while motorcycles were being allowed to buy petrol up to Rs100 in those localities.

Petrol pump owners laid the blame on marketing companies, claiming that there was shortage of the fuel due to companies curtailing the supply. The city consumes around 1.8 million litres of petrol daily through almost 300 pumps operated by the Pakistan State Oil and other private companies.

Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association President Khawaja Atif said that if the supply of petrol is not increased, it would lead to a crisis that would engulf the whole country. Officials of Pakistan State Oil stated that the company has accelerated the pace of imports compared to other oil marketing companies which were importing oil in lower quantity. According to them, the oil shortfall is temporary and soon the deficit will be filled.

Pakistan State Oil imports are in the full swing where discharging of motor gasoline has commenced from the vessel, carrying 62,000 metric tons, while another vessel will arrive at Karachi port from Thursday mounting to 65000 metric tons. Moreover, another vessel carrying crude oil having 70,000 metric tons has been engaged at other berth.

The motorists in Lahore and other parts might face problems because other oil marketing companies have not imported the POL products in order to save themselves from inventory loss. Pakistan State Oil officials have also assured consumers that its outlets across the country have no shortage of motor gasoline in the wake of the government’s decision to import higher grades of fuel. They made it clear that it did not operate on short-term gains and would continue to honour its commitment to provide fuel to the nation under all circumstances irrespective of commercial benefits. PSO will always strive to ensure a smooth fuel supply. All retail outlets of the company are receiving regular fuel supplies and there is no disruption to the supply chain network anywhere in the country.