It’s very disheartening to see once again the mass exodus in Myanmar, being born a Muslim in Myanmar remains to be similar to being born as a Jew in Germany. Burmese Buddhist monk named ‘Wirathu’ is a reincarnation of Hitler. The endless violence is continued as 120,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar.

Military operation is pushing 15,000 Muslim ethnic minorities into Bangladesh every day, raising threat of a border camp crisis. The humanitarian crisis in overstretched border camps, with another 400,000 of the Muslim ethnic minority estimated to be trapped in conflicted areas in western Myanmar since more “clearance operations” are being carried out by security forces. According to reports by the United Nations, UN aid agencies are being blocked from delivering food, water and medicine to the Rohingya Muslims, while warehouses stocking vital emergency supplies are being looted.

The whole world’s eyes are set on Aung San Suu Kyi who a politician, diplomat, author, incumbent State Counsellor and Leader of the National League for Democracy of Myanmar. Her honours also includes the Nobel Peace Prize, due to which she remains a disappointment over zero condemnation shown regarding the Rohingya crisis and therefore her stance is phony, without any substantial role to criticize such ethic cleaning on such a vast magnitude. As citizen of this world, I and many others around the world request the Noble Committee to revoke her Noble title as she has undone and withdrawn from her cause she was given the Prize for.


Karachi, September 8.