One of the sectors that the government of Pakistan often neglects is the health sector; Public health lies in the lowest order of the state’s priority list. The neglect has affected public health in many ways. Among many diseases that Pakistani people suffer from, diabetes is alarmingly high in the masses. Almost every 4th Pakistani is suffering from diabetes. Denmark, one of the healthiest countries in the world, has decided to join hands with Punjab government to fight diabetes. It is a golden opportunity for the provincial authorities to ease the burden of Diabetes that is rampant in the province.

What is depressing is the fact that Pakistan has the 8th largest population having diabetes. The county is ranked the 9th most obese one in the world. Almost half of the country is overweight according to a recent survey conducted by Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES). There is a strong correlation between diabetes and obesity. The primary cause of becoming diabetic is adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. There is little knowledge among people how unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle play a role in increasing obesity, which is a major cause of diabetes.

Special information brochures for distribution among people to increase awareness regarding diabetes who visit hospitals and leadership forums will help the government in this regard. However, what is more important is to conduct oral sessions and corner meetings in different cities as well for large numbers of Pakistani masses are not literate.

Information sessions on the adaptation of healthy lifestyle will cost the government not much. The government can encourage people to take small steps like reducing body weights to improve their body’s insulin sensitivity. Such small steps lower the risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes. It is just a matter of priorities; otherwise, fighting with diabetes is not a herculean task.