It is quite unfortunate that in Turbat where is lack of course books. It has so saddened that we are not eligible to pass our exam because of having without course books. However, it is a clear fact that course books can help us for the preparation of exam despite of this, we are deprived from course books. Course books are the only things which we can get tremendous knowledge but painfully in Turbat we don’t have Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematic books. If we don’t have these books then it is misfortune that at the season of examination we will be suffering a lot of problems.

Moreover, a lot of students who are going to order these course books from Quetta but it is hefty for those students who are being captured by multidimensional poverty. In fact, for those students who don’t have afford money to buy their course books.

So, it is my humbly request to government of Balochistan should establish such shops which we will be getting our course books.


Khairabad, September 3.