As the global community marched for climate change awareness and action, several cities across Pakistan chimed in and showed their concern for the adverse effects of the changing climate. Climate activists across Pakistan joined hands to mobilise hundreds across the country. In this digital age, it is easier to connect with the masses and it is one of those times when progressive causes can be taken up as well. The interconnectedness of the internet also helped Pakistan to join in this transnational cause that requires the immediate attention of both, citizens and the government.

The marches were full of energy and concern and once again gave a new push to marches by citizens. The placards were reflecting cases close to different individuals ranging from deforestation, water crisis, to policy work that the government officials need to invest in. At this point, there are not many political parties behind this cause. It is important for the political parties as well to recognise what the masses are engaging with and to mould their own political agenda to accommodate the interests of the common man. Climate change is imminent and we are already witnessing the results of it in Pakistan. The uncontrollable floods, the melting of glaciers and the outbreak of dangerous diseases like Naegleria are signs that the Climate Change Ministry needs to invest in researching and understanding how the situation can be improved.

Another great aspect of the marches was the recognition of the work of climate change activists within Pakistan. Again and again the organisers referred to the efforts of Baba Jan in Northern Pakistan who spoke for the people being affected near the Attabad lake. It is important to free these individuals who speak for the environment and engage beyond rhetoric politics.

People of different ages and backgrounds took part in the march. Schools actively took part in ensuring that students were made aware of the cause and participated in the activists. The cause of climate change will impact everyone regardless of age and the sooner we engage younger people, there is a chance of turning this movement bigger than the march. The activists involved have also come up with a manifesto for the government. They now need to collaborate with the government for visibility and immediate action. Climate change should be declared an emergency in the country as Pakistan is one of the countries who are set to be adversely affected by it.