ISLAMABAD    -   Director General South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University Dr Maria Sultan yesterday said that India had crossed all the limits in held Kashmir.

Briefing the Turkish media delegation here at the SASSI University, she said Pakistan expected the United Nations to act and help resolve the decades-old issue.

“India has buried alive the Kashmiris. They have become stateless in their homes. India has violated all human rights in the held territory,” she said. On 5th August 2019, Maria Sultan said, India illegally revoked the Articles 370 and 35A. “With this unlawful action, it has brought the oldest unresolved dispute on the centre stage of the hostilities between India and Pakistan,” she added.

Maria Sultan said this has also brought to the surface the issue of the unfinished agenda of the partition, the current legal situation of the Kashmiris and the larger Indian plan of reworking “the Kashmir future” by withdrawing the special status of Kashmiris within Indian Constitution through dysfunction of article 370 and the removal of Article 35A, which guaranteed the special status to the Kashmiris and barring the Indian from moving to the area, buying land and holding government jobs.

Maria Sultan said the Indian step also violated the international law and all of the earlier agreements signed between the former governments of both sides - India and the State of J&K.