SARGODHA-Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Senator Sirajul Haq on Friday said that if India accepts mediation offer made by American President Trump, the Jamaat will never accept any such offer and will launch a Kashmir Bachao Awami March on September 27, in Muzaffarabad.

“If the government does not move forward from rhetoric and take practical steps for helping the besieged Kashmiri, we will be constrained to cross the LOC,” Sirajul Haq threatened while addressing the participants of Kashmir Bachao Awami March here at Company Bagh Shaheen Chowk on Friday.

The JI chief informed that Jamaat-e-Islami would stage a big public gather in Muzaffarabad wherein the Jamaat would announce its new policy on Kashmir. He pointed out that they have only two option - either to fight a war in Sirinagar or Islamabad with them. He regretted that the occupied Kashmir has been turned into the world biggest open prison but the global communities are still silent over the worst atrocities being committed against innocent Kashmiris. The JI chief said that brutal Indian Army has held the people of Held Kashmir their captive and oppressed Kashmiris are detained in their house for last 46 days due curfew. He said that now the prime minister would have to decide what to do over the Kashmir issue. He reiterated the JI’s resolve help the Kashmiri brethren at all fronts. “We will do whatsoever we can to reach to our innocent brethren braving worst-ever aggression and barbarism of the history to mitigate their sufferings,” the JI chief pledged, adding that the government must take a clear stance to protect the Kashmiris from the Indian cleansing campaign launched in the occupied valley.

Meanwhile, the district police have made foolproof security arrangements for the gathering. More than 250 police officers and officials including one SP; two DSPs; four SHOs; four Inspectors; 21 Assistant Sub Inspectors; 12 Sub Inspectors’ 136 constables; 14 ladies police staffers; 18 PQRs; three teams of Muhafiz squad and four teams of Elite Force performed provided security to the participants of the public meeting and caravan of JI chief Sirajul Haq.

Sirajul Haq says they will cross LoC if govt fails to take any action