KARACHI   -   Sindh Minister for Information & Archives and Labour Saeed Ghani in a statement on Friday strongly condemned the arrest of Syed Khursheed Shah.

He said that the members of Pakistan People’s Party seemed to be the only target of National Accountability Bureau. The provincial minister said that albeit the inquiry against Syed Khursheed Shah was still in the preliminary stages, all his family members were included in the investigation without any reason. He said that even though cases were registered against the members of PTI, but National Accountability Bureau never arrest them.

Ghani asked that why Imran Khan and his sister Aleema Khan had not been questioned by NAB for sources of their income. Provincial minister said that partial accountability was taking place in this country and Imran Khan was taking vengeful actions against the opposition. He said he did not believe the allegations leveled against Liaquat Qaimkhani and had no knowledge about his income. 

Provincial Minister of Information said that he had no knowledge of the meeting of Mayor Karachi, General retired Pervez Musharraf and former Sindh Governor Ishrat-ul-Ebad, but what he knew was that they were the people of similar minds. He also said that there was no shortage of anti-rabies vaccine in Sindh province but it was not available in sufficient quantity. Saeed Ghani said this was a national issue, the whole country lacked sufficient quantity of anti-rabies vaccine. He said that it was strange that the stray dogs were  pointed out only in Karachi and not in other parts of the country. The provincial minister said that dengue was also attributed to Sindh province only, although it was a fact that most of the dengue patients were found in Pindi. The provincial minister said that after the statements of the owners of Baldia factory yesterday, no TV channel spoke about it or conducted any program on it.

Ghani said that we accept that we did not eliminate completely the stray dogs but why media did not talk about those who killed innocent human beings.

The provincial minister said that when the elimination action was initiated against stray dogs, some organizations opposed the action as if animals were being eliminated. He said the provincial government was trying to somehow catch stray dogs alive and expel their poison.