No one can deny the fact that Afghanistan is struggling since 2001, when the war got started between United State and Taliban . Where thousands of people’s lost their life including children, troops, and police, according at the report, over the past five years more than 45,000 Afghan troops and police officers were killed as well as more than 24,000 Americans have been killed and some about 20,000 injured. But this year seem the most intensive diplomacy yet between United State and Taliban to end the nearly eighteen-year war in Afghanistan. Recently, the Taliban published on open letter, expressing a desire for peace talks and calling on the American people and “peace-loving congressmen” to the U.S. The Trump administration has ready to contact with the Taliban, but said all substantive negotiation would have to be led by Afghan government. For its part, The Taliban refuses to talk the Afghan government without first discussing the withdrawal of foreign troops with its powerful ally. If the policy of using force is continued for another fifty years, the outcome will be same as both have observed over the last six months since the initiation of Trump’s new strategy. It is a suggestion for U.S, Taliban and Afghan government try to find a way that the war should be end as soon as possible, because it is one of the biggest issue entire the world now a days.