ISLAMABAD-In a rare display of road rage, son of a retired army major crushed to injuries under wheels of his car the son of another retired army major after a brief argument over why the latter was driving wrong side on the main DHA-2 roundabout here few days back, according to the reports.

The victim, Muhammad Ali Chughtai is lying unconscious at the CMH Rawalpindi’s Emergency Block since September 17 with no signs of major improvement, according to the family. The Sihala police have registered a case under section 324 of the PPC while the accused is still on the run. According to the FIR registered at Sihala police station, the act on part of Ahmed Zubair was intentional and was meant to take life of Muhamamd Ali Chughtai.

According to the details, Muhammad Ali Chughtai son of Major (R) Abdur Rashid, 80, a telecom engineer by profession along with his wife was crossing the DHA roundabout (McDonald Chowk) here in his car and came head on to the car of Ahmed Zubair son of Major (R) Zubair, reportedly from 62nd PMA, as the latter was driving anti-clock wise/wrong side of the roundabout. The victim stopped Ahmed Zubair. Both got down, exchanged hot words which led to scuffle and later both left to drive. The victim was still walking towards his car when the culprit reversed his car and hit him with maximum speed while the victim was facing the other way. The victim got severe head injuries and was lying unconscious in the emergency Block of CMH Rawalpindi, according to the reports.

The victim’s wife witnessed the whole incident while sitting in her car, turning her blissful life into a nightmare within seconds. The incident is not less than a nightmare for an ageing father, mother of two-month-old baby girl and the whole family.

The police said that they were investigating the matter as efforts were underway to arrest the culprit. Section 324 of the PPC (Attempt to commit qatl-i-amd) says whoever does any act with such intention or knowledge, and under such circumstances, that, if he by that act caused qatl, he would be guilty of qatl-i-amd, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years.