LAHORE   -    A special court on Friday dismissed the bail petition of former law minister, Rana Sanaullah, in a narcotics case.  However, the court granted bail to five co-accused in the case. Duty judge Khalid Bashir conducted the proceedings on the bail petitions, filed by Rana Sanaullah and others. Advocates Farhad Ali Shah and Zahid Bukhari, on behalf of the accused, argued that the FIR was registered after a delay of three hours whereas the police station was located on a drive of 20 minutes only. They submitted that it was a case of further inquiry as registration of the FIR after three hours made it suspicious They pleaded with the court to grant bail to Rana Sana till complete investigation of the matter. They further submitted that the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) did not have footage of Rana Sanaullah’s arrest, so there was no reason to keep him behind the bars. They argued that Rana Sana was suffering from respiratory and other diseases, and home-cooked food was also not being provided to him in the jail. However, the ANF prosecutor opposed the request, saying that the defence counsel gave political statements instead of arguing on merits of the case. He submitted that the ANF had solid evidence against the former minister.  He submitted that it was not correct that the case was registered after a delay of three hours. He submitted that the case had 14 memos and more than one hour time was required to write them. He further argued that all medical facilities were available to Rana Sanaullah in jail whereas the bail could not be granted on medical grounds in such cases.