ISLAMABAD    -   The SK Hydro power Station drainage corridor has been successfully completed with high-standards sufficiently reducing the potential risks, Gwadar Pro reported yesterday.

According to China Gezhouba Group (CGGC), which has contracted to construct this project, a series of advanced technologies and devices were put in to the construction of the No.2 drainage corridor of the SK project. The length of the corridor is 733.25 meters, and the transversal and vertical errors of the corridor are 9 mm and 7 mm respectively, which are far better than the standard required by measurement specification. 

Faced with the severe conditions such as small working place, poor ventilation, water impounding and sharp bend in the cave, both Pakistani and Chinese staff have lived on site while implementing the measures of epidemic prevention and control.

After 450 days of continuous operation, the drainage corridor was successfully connected and the horizontal connection was finally achieved. 

The errors of various indicators were strictly controlled within the standard range.

The concrete pouring of cut-off wall for SK project was officially launched last week.

The SK hydropower station is one of the priority projects under the CPEC. Once completed, it will make up one fifth of the power gap in Pakistan and play an important role in providing local employment and improving people’s livelihood.