LAHORE - Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan, while commenting on the All Parties Conference (APC) of opposition, said that the meeting was not held for the country but for their personal interests. 

He said that it would have been appropriate for the opposition to put forward positive suggestions on a national agenda but they were not interested in any issue other than finding faults in the government and bringing themselves back to power.

Aleem Khan clarified that there was no threat to the government from such activities, adding that  Prime Minister Imran Khan will complete the term and keep the country on the right track. He said that in fact, the achievements of the Imran Khan were not acceptable to the opposition as he had given the high place to the country at the international level.

Opposition not interested in any issue other than finding faults in govt and bringing themselves back to power, says Aleem

Abdul Aleem Khan said that the people had once again seen how Imran Khan’s narrative had proved to be true. He said, “The country is under the leadership of Imran Khan, progressing, no one will get NRO, political opponents will fail and the present government will move forward successfully.”

He said that the parties participating in the APC were themselves not sincere to each other.

He expressed hope that they will soon be at odds with each other, and this will not happen that they can succeed in their agenda.