“The Cold War was cold only for the rich 

and privileged places of the planet.”

–Nadeem Aslam

On this day in 1990, the legislative chambers of both West and East Germany voted for unification. In Bundestag (West German) 442 votes were cast in favour of unification. In Volkskammer (East German), 299 votes favoured the decision. The two halves reunited after forty-five years. The victors of the second world war, i.e., the United States and Soviet Union (USSR) in the final days of WWII entered into a cold war and divided the country into separate areas. The East German became part of the communist bloc. And the West German became part of capitalist Europe.

Almost a fortnight later, October 3, 1990, at the stroke of midnight, the black, red and gold flag of West Germany was raised above Berlin’s Brandenburg to symbolise the reunification. While the two blocs reunified, the population of the country still has to overcome the trauma. The society’s scars are yet to heal. As if the 45 years long rupture was not enough to rupture the society apart, the rise of Alternative for Germany (AfD) is yet another challenge that will face the German society.