LAHORE-Declaring the February 18 elections, a silent revolution and a ray of hope for a change as envisaged in the mandate, the speakers at the Iqbal Day function urged  an early end to feudalism and capitalism, reinstatement of judges and independent judiciary, reforms in banking system and restoration of 1973 Constitution in its original form through an act of Parliament so as to establish a free, democratic, welfare and progressive Pakistan. The Iqbal Day function was organised by Markazia Majlis-i-Iqbal at Alhamra Hall on Monday evening. Mr Justice (Retd) Dr. Javed Iqbal presided while Editor-in-Chief The Nation, Majid Nizami, Editor Arif Nizami, President of Majlis, Justice (Retd) Sardar Muhammad Dogar, grand son of Allama Iqbal Munib Iqbal and a host of learned speakers from political, social, religious and literary circles addressed the function. Sardar Sarbajit Singh Lambha from India participated on a special invitation. Earlier at 11 am, the office-bearers of Majlis-i-Iqbal, Nazria Pakistan Trust and Tehrik-i-Pakistan Workers Trust laid floral wreath at the Mazar of Allama Iqbal at Badshahi mosque and offered Fateha. Various other organizations also laid floral wreaths at the Mazar. The highly motivated audience in the packed to capacity hall equally responded to the spirited speakers and backed them to carry forward the agenda of change and reformation to get the country out of crisis as soon as possible particularly from US clutches. 'War on terror' policy to be changed:Babar Awan PPP leader and Senator Babar Awan in his speech said that the present govt was all set to change Musharraf's policy on 'war on terror' which had only brought misery and resulted in massacre of our own people. He said that 'neither we will fight for US nor will shed the blood of our people'. 'We believe in talks rather than military drive as dialogue is the solution to all problems', he added. On the judges issue, he said that judges would be restored alongwith deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Whether we stay in govt or not we will stand by our words, he said. 'We promised to release the judges before the formation of the Federal govt and the day Prime Minister addressed the Parliament, he announced their release'. He said that all the promises would be fulfilled with true letter and spirit. He said 'restoration of judges is not our promise but it is our responsibility which will be fulfilled come what may'. Babar Awan said that a Parliamentary Committee has been formed on the issue and the results are going to be coming out soon. He said that PPP govt will take initiative to release nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer from illegal imprisonment. Talking about the philosophy of Allama Iqbal, he said that Allama Iqbal was always promoted as a brilliant poet but two major points of his philosophy were never highlighted. He said that self-reliance and pan-Islamism were the salient feature of Iqbal's whole ideology. He stressed the need to explore them. He said that Iqbal raised voice for the self-reliance when it was rare commodity in the political market of the then world order. Iqbal discussed the self-reliance when capitalism deepened its roots and socialism was yet to emerge. He said that Korea explored Iqbal's philosophy and raised slogan of self-reliance. It built a tower namely 'Jocheh' at its famous river to inculcate the sense of self-reliance among the masses and keep seeking inspiration from it. No compromise on judges restoration:Saad The guest of honour Federal Minister for Culture and Youth Affairs, Khawaja Saad Rafique said that jagirdari and feudalist system cannot be eliminated unless the sons of poor people reach the Assemblies. This is only possible when democracy is allowed to flourish, he said. That time, he predicted is fast approaching when the politics will revolve round ideologies and not personalities. He, however, said 'we will not compromise on our agenda nor we will compromise on judges issue'. We will not take dictation from US and look after our own national interests, he said. Saad was given a standing ovation by the audience. Referring to Iqbal's poetry and philosophy, he said his philosophy would continue to guide our actions. He said Iqbal's poetry was a guiding force for the struggle for democracy and it was source of strength for political workers. He said that the coalition govt had inherited a bleeding and tormented Pakistan but still accepted the challenge to rectify misdeeds of the past. The collective wisdom of people was never wrong while the mistakes were committed by groups of politicians, judges and intellectuals who sold their pen and the entire nation is facing consequences of their mistakes, he said. He said February 18 was a day of revolution- rather unbelievable miracle and we had to go ahead with quick pace. We have to follow at least two pieces of wisdom from Iqbal. No.1 is revivalism and the restoration of spiritual democracy, he added. Saad said that Aiwan-e-Iqbal would be renovated and cleared of frivolous cultural activities while documentary films on Allama Iqbal and his thought would be evolved. We will live in the govt with honour and respect and proceed ahead on our agenda, he said. Iqbal ideology's to be promoted:Dr Israr Dr Israr Ahmed said that Iqbal was a poet of universal and radical ideas, who gave the Muslims of the Sub-continent the vision of their destination. He urged participants to promote Iqbal's ideology of universal brotherhood and his ideals of Muslim youth, to strengthen Pakistan's foundations and face future challenges. He said that Iqbal saw the dream for a separate homeland for the Muslims of Sub-Continent and created the passion for freedom in hearts of Muslim through his poetry. Regarding present issues, he said that 'thick clouds of darkness were prevailing at the time when the then Army Chief was ruling as a dictator. People had lost the hope'. There was a sense of deprivation but we saw ray of hope when lawyers stood up against the dictatorship, he added. He said that he considered lawyers movement a miracle. He said that it happened first time that civil society, middle class and educated groups joined hands with the lawyers to get the judges restored. He said that feudal culture and tribal leaders are always supportive of dictatorship. We must end this culture, he added. He said that banking system should be interest-free. He said that during the former govt of Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif had promised to enforce banking system without interest within two years. But their late father Mian Sharif ordered to do it in six months. He said that again both brothers were in power and they should have obeyed the orders of their father. He said that democracy could not deliver alone rather true implementation of Islamic ideology was required. Govt must uphold supremacy of law:Liaquat Liaquat Baloch said that message of Iqbal was need of the hour. He praised Nawa-i-Waqt group of publications led by Majid Nizami for promoting the thoughts of Iqbal more better than other institutions. He said that Iqbal was the one who claimed that religion and politics were correlated with each other. Iqbal says that Islamic democracy was against the Western democracy as Islamic democracy lies in Holy Quran and Sunnah while Western democracy rests on materialism even at the cost of bloodshed and usurping the rights of the poor. 'We expect that govt will uphold the supremacy of law and Constitution. Murree declaration would be implemented. Kashmir issue will be resolved, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan will be released and violent incidents like May 12, October 18 and April 9 would be investigated', he said. Justice Javed outlines 5 points Mr Justice(Retd)Javed Iqbal in his Presidential address said that the new coalition govt had to do five important tasks immediately: Firstly the impeachment of President Musharraf to end conspiracies being hatched against democracy, secondly freedom of judiciary and reinstatement of deposed judges for delivery of justice, thirdly restoration of 1973 Constitution in its true form, ending Article 58-2B and National Security Council etc, fourthly getting rid of American hegemony and to overcome crisis of atta, price-hike, loadshedding etc. We should make ourselves accountable:Fateh Speaking on the occasion Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik said that Iqbal Day was the day of judgement and we should make ourselves accountable ,otherwise, we cannot follow the thought of Iqbal's ideology. Prof. Malik blamed capitalist and feudal systems for all the ills in the country. He also called for end to this system. He recalled that in 1976 the then Prime Minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto passed a law to end feudalism from the country but unfortunately the then President Ziaul Haq did not let it be implemented. He said that PPP and PML(N) had also ruled the country twice in the past but they too did not pay any heed to implementing this law. He said that it was call of hour to end both these systems from the country as both these systems were promoting dictatorship in the country. Prof.Malik warned that if present political parties also did not play their role to end both these systems then democracy could not be strengthened in the country in its true sense. He said that the same was the theory of Iqbal. Munib lauds lawyers movement Munib Iqbal who is the grandson of Allama Muhammad Iqbal said,'we were observing Iqbal Day first time in an independent environment as last year we were not allowed to use the Alhamra Hall'. He said that last year the then govt also banned those people who were supposed to participate in Iqbal Day. He lauded the role of lawyers movement and said that the movement worked in accordance with the wishes of Iqbal. He said both the luminaries the Quaid and Allama Iqbal were lawyers and the lawyers took inspiration from them. He said 'we are happy today that democracy has been restored in the country and every body is free to move anywhere and he is confident that he will not be detained like that of Dr. Qadeer Khan and now nobody will be missing mysteriously'. He said that Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal both were lawyers and they worked for the freedom of Sub-Continent while lawyers of present time were fighting for the survival of democracy and against dictatorship. Follow teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH):Lambha Sarbajit Singh Lambha who came from India and is an ardent lover of Islam and Iqbal recited some verses from the Holy Quran and paid tributes to Islamic ideology and teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said that he is also author of a book written on the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Indian govt awarded him first prize for recognition of his services in this regard. Lambha also recited poetry and recited Sura Fateha, Kalima and Sura Qul. He said that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the blessing of Allah Almighty for the entire humanity and not merely for Muslims as Allah is for the entire mankind. He said he is ignited by the spirit of his love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which was his great asset. He claimed that he is the spiritual son of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and he has gotten a lot of inspiration from the theory of Iqbal. In his address, Prof. Abdul Jabbar Shakir said that during these circumstances when mothers were committing suicides alongwith their children and youngsters were involved in selling their kidneys there was dire need of implementing Iqbal's ideology, which is based on social justice and self-reliance. In this way we will find our path to democracy, he added.