ISLAMABAD - State Minster for Health Mohammad Afzal Sindho Tuesday told the National Assembly that the ministry would soon introduce a new legislation for the social protection of HIV/Aids Patient. While discussing a matter of sufficient public importance regarding rapidly increasing disease of HIV/Aids in the country moved by Yasmeen Rehman in the House, the Minster said that the protection of HIV/AIDS patient is very essential because he did not expose his disease due to stigma. In this regard, he said that Health Ministry would table a bill in National Assembly for social protection of HIV/AIDS patient. He said that the job for HIV/AIDS patients should not closed and it should be remained open. The Mister said that the government has arranged of HIV/Aids test in the hospital for patients at every district level of the country. He said that these arrangements would be fortified. He said that the Ministry would consider the proposals presented by the members in the House. He said that national and international agencies have launched progrommes for HIV/AIDS and advertisements at channels for creating awareness among the people. The Minister said that International Health Conference on HIV/AIDS would be held at Geneva on May 16 and 17. He said that the ministry is working to control HIV/Aids in the country. He said that the ministry would ask international community that the foreign countries before deporting any Pakistani patient from their respective country must inform Pakistani embassies there about the detailed medical reports of that particular case.