ISLAMABAD The Members of National Assembly have demanded of the government to take action against the former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf for violating the Constitution and recommended to plan a comprehensive policy to control target killing across the country. Jamashed Dasti of PPP said Tuesday on the floor of the House that the parliament should take action for trial of Pervez Musharraf due to taking unconstitutional steps. He said that Musharraf was moving freely in the country in spite of violating the constitution. The parliament should not play role as a rubber stamp and take action against a dictator to set an example for others, he said. Shereen Arshad Khan of PML-N said on a point of order that the former dictator who violated the constitution was enjoying his life due to governments relaxation and instead of getting punishment had the official protocol. Barjees Tahir of PML-N said, General (R) Musharraf is offender of 170 million people and parliament should take action against him. Nadeem Afzal Chan urged the Interior Ministry to take notice of the ongoing target killing in the country and formulate an effective policy to control it. He said that the government should call All Parties Conference to address the problems faced by the country. Riaz Hussain Pirzada of PML-Q expressed grave concern over the institutions of the country and said that the political leadership proved itself to be a weak leadership. Palwasha Khan of PPP said that there was a dire need of governments immediate action in response to launching of Indian spy satellite to keep an eye on the defence assets of the neighbouring countries specially Pakistan. Meanwhile, The PPP and PML-N in the National Assembly asked the MQM Chief Altaf Hussain to return to Pakistan and play his due role to pull the country out of the crises. Jamashed Dasti of PPP on the floor of the House asked MQM Chief Altaf Hussain to come to Pakistan and to play his effective role and join hands with the government to resolve the countrys issues. Haji Pervez Khan of PML-N said that Altaf Hussain should come to Pakistan and lead his party. Altaf could not resolve the issues by issuing criticism statements from London and talking against the country. Afterwards the Members of MQM stood up and staged uproar in the House and stopped them from speaking anymore. Haider Abbas Rizvi of MQM replying to a point of order alleged that Altaf Hussain was being criticized under a well-devised plan, warning that it would be very difficult for them to participate in the session if it continued the process. He urged the party leadership to stop their lawmakers from making such statements. The Members also strongly condemned the US drone attacks in Pakistans territory. They termed it a serious violation of the countrys sovereignty. They said that innocent people were being killed in these attacks. They said that terrorism activities were being increased after such attacks. They demanded of the government to review its policy. Following this, debates on price hike and unemployment in the country were started in the House. The Members urged the government to play its pivotal role to control price hike and unemployment in the country. They urged the government that it should give micro loans to rural women to enhance their handicrafts industry and provide them the facilities to have an easy access to the market. They said that in this regard, there was a dire need of awareness and training.