With interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US has been able to create a serious threat of instability in the Middle East and Southeast Asia region, having acquired a strangle hold over Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Afghan invasion was understandable to some extent but the seizure of Iraq defies all logic. It is unforgivable for a power like Washington, with its sophisticated inter-stellar spying technology and a superbly-trained manpower in espionage/counter -espionage, to commit the mistake of mis-assessing Baghdads WMD capacity as gravely as it did. And what a tragedy we have had as a result. But the might is right and who would question the mightiest on earth? Restraint and might are two things that need each other the most. Power can be devastating so uninhibited show of power may actually bring the downfall of the mighty as it has innumerable times in history. The Romans fell, the Muslims at the height of their power were destroyed by half-crazed barbarians. The British Empire disintegrated rather recently. Power, it is argued, is more a deterrent than a weapon of offence. If a nuclear bomb is as powerful a deterrent that it can stop wars, every state needs it and must have the right to possess it. Since possession of nuclear power by all states is a sure way of destruction of humankind, it is an absurd proposition. Why not disarm those that possess it instead? -SYED HASSAM AHMED, Karachi, April 21.