KARACHI - Business Confidence Survey (BCS) conducted by the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) during the period of February to March 2010 throughout Pakistan has been launched. The survey of BCS is increasingly being used by both developed and developing economies as a tool to gauge the business and investment environment. OICCI is the first Chamber in Pakistan to have conducted a survey of this kind and will conduct it on a quarterly basis. Over 400 business entities belonging to manufacturing, services and retail trade participated in the survey. It was ensured that at least 80% GDP contribution be covered while selecting the target subsectors for each major sector. We hope that after 3-4 quarters, BCS will become a leading indicator of economic conditions and will be widely used by both businesses and policy makers remarked Mr. Farrukh Khan at the launch of the survey. The survey asked respondents to share their views on various aspects of business ranging from the business situation in the country, in the city they operate in as well as their respective industry. Other questions included feedback on employment levels, major concerns to business/trade, sales, and cost of doing business. This information was gauged for the past six as well as for the next six months.