There is a campaign for a new province in Hazara. Once we concede to this demand, we would face its repercussions in all other provinces. The Pukhtoons in Balochistan would want a province of their own and so would the people of Karachi. The demand for a Seraiki province and for a provincial status for the former Bahawalpur state would also gather mass. Under the constitution, provincial boundaries cannot be altered until there is a positive vote by at least two- thirds of the total membership of the concerned provincial assembly. That is complicated. I think a better solution would be to re-introduce the local government system that was launched by Musharraf. A few alterations in this system are desirable, like for instance, adding a new tier at the divisional level. But the law and order should be depoliticized by reviving the executive magistracy and placing it under an independent District Magistrate. -ASAF ALI SHAH, Lahore, April 21.