At a time when the country is suffering due to power outages, the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) is making extra profit through manipulation. They have managed to save a substantial amount by not running their powerhouses at full capacity. In the artificial shortage that has ensued in the ever-volatile Karachi, the government has been forced to provide extra power from national grid to KESCat a lesser rate. Thus, KESC is making savings on purchases of expensive oil on one hand while it sells electricity generated with expensive oil by others to its Karachi consumers at a higher price on the other. WAPDA, the hapless public sector utility which makes that expensive electricity which KESC buys on the cheap, has to bear the brunt of more outages within its sales territories because its own share is sold to KESC by fiat of the government. The federal government has proposed some good measures in the two-day energy conference in Islamabad (April 20) like countrywide shutdown of all businesses at sunset, closure of marriage halls by 9 p.m., two weekly public holidays, disconnection of electricity to all billboards and partial diversion of gas from transport and fertilizer sectors to power generating units. But it also has to ensure that KESC stops the unethical practice of filching electricity from WAPDA on cheap rates which it supplies to its own consumers at higher rates. The artificially-created burden of Karachi on the national grid should be reduced. -KAZI WAHEED AHMED, Hyderabad, April 21.