This is with reference to the massive use of unfair means by the students in the on-going Secondary level examinations conducted by the Secondary Boards of Karachi, Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas and Hyderabad, as reported by almost all the private TV channels of the country in their news bulletins on frequent basis during the last two or three days. It is quite disappointing to note thatboth the local administration and the officials of the concerned boards have completely failed to curb the menace of cheating during these examinations from the various established examination centres. So much so, the invigilators posted in these examination centres have been found involved in allowing the students in using such unfair means in theirpapers. Unfortunately, thisis not for the first time that we are witnessing a massive scale cheating in examinations by the studentsof Secondary orIntermediate level in the province of Sindh.This menace is some two or three decades old in the province where no one, during all these years, has taken any serious step to stop this shameful practice. Whether one believes it or not but it is a fact that besides other reasons of substandard level of education in the province of Sindh, especially in the interior Sindh, the copy cultureat the Secondary level examinations has equally played its negative role in alienating our youth from the right path, as far as the questions of getting right education for themis concerned. Actually it isthat teenage of fifteen or sixteen where both our boys and girls appear in the Secondary level examinations. Undoubtedly, this is the age of mental growth for them. This is the age where a boy or a girl develops creative skills in their personality which eventually help them in attaining height in their professional career. But how can the teenage youth would develop creative skillswithin themselves if they are inclined to using unfair means in the examinations instead of usingtheir brain for the taking the exams. Unfortunately, menace of cheating in examinations is eating away the future of our next generation. Our youth has become so dependent on cheating that they find it the sole key for their success in their examinations. If we have to save our youth from further falling into the deep ditch of copy culture, then we must take appropriate and timely steps forits eradication. I admit that this is not an easy task. We as a society must play our due role in discouraging this evil practice. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, Apri