The statement of assets our MNAs submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan is quite interesting. There are some who have tried to be frank about the wealth they possess but a majority of them have posed themselves as paupers. Prime Minister Gilani owns a house worth 6.3 million in Multan but what is strange is that he does not have a car. Likewise, Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has turned out to be among the parliamentarians who do not own a car. Jamshed Dasti has no house, car or any other assets at all. On the other hand, it is quite revealing to learn that Noor Alam Khan is the wealthiest of the MPs despite having no business enterprise. Besides, there are other politicians who did mention their properties and assets but the question from where they amassed the riches remains an unanswered mystery. The reason why a large number of MNAs have resorted to these white lies is only meant to evade taxes that they owe to the state. First by amassing wealth through unfair means and then stashing it away in secret bank accounts to evade taxes is a crime they are being openly charged with. It is clear that given the manner in which the politicians are living off the fat of the land, and making a show of their wealth like driving in convoys of luxury limousines, owning large houses in posh localities, etc, the facts and figures as revealed by the statement of assets leave little doubt that they have not only hoodwinked the ECP but also the people of the country. The pity is that while these rich parliamentarians continue to pose themselves as penniless, it is the common man and the lower-middle income groups that have been burdened with extra taxation and all sorts of inflationary pressures. These classes pay the taxes but still the basic facilities that the state should provide in return like better policing, healthcare and education are nowhere to be seen. This is our countrys ugly reality.