Group Captain Cecil Chaudhry, who died on April 13, was an embodiment of a true fighter and a gentleman. His contribution to the war efforts of PAF in the 1965 India-Pakistan war will be remembered for a long time. So much the nation owed to so few in that war fits this gifted fighter pilot. We were together at the PAF Academy, though I was in a ground branch. Even during training, he had excelled as a pilot, as I used to hear. Little wonder he turned out to be an accomplished fighter pilot. Besides his outstanding airmanship, he had a great sense of humour. I distinctly remember his role as a lady in a drama staged at the academy which made us laugh our guts out. He was a versatile person and a true gentleman. He will also be long remembered for what he did in the field of education and for his community. May his soul rest in peace and enable his dear ones to accept his passing away with fortitude. Both his family and PAF ought to be proud of him.


Karachi, April 16.