The PM must understand that he is not above the law and ANF investigators have a right and an obligation to carry out investigations, even if that involves summoning record of PM House visitors. Organizations such as ANF are funded by the taxpayers, so that narcotics manufacture and distribution is strictly regulated in accordance with laws and international monitoring agencies. No individual, including the elected constitutional officeholders have any right to play with lives of our future generations. We have had enough of this damage inflicted on our nation by the abuse of self assumed powers of our public officeholders, who lack ethics or respect for rule of law. After all if the PM is innocent, as he claims, why does he want to evade investigations and obstruct judicial procedure.

The Ephedrine and Hajj Scam depicts the pits to which our political elite, obsessed with their greed for ill-gotten wealth can sink to. These stinking episodes are a slur on our democracy and the image of Pakistan. It is an insult to our Founding Fathers, who dreamed of creating a modern welfare state delivering justice to its citizens, instead of becoming a fiefdom of corrupt political elite, or its equally selfish paid civil and uniformed bureaucracy. Nobody including the President enjoys immunity from investigation. It is the process of prosecution from any criminal charges, from which the President enjoys immunity if any, and that is also subject to interpretation of Supreme Court and not the perceived immunity understood by office of President, the PM or Law ministry. Those who hold high public offices, such as that of President, PM, Governor, CM or Ministers must be subject to public or media scrutiny and investigations to ascertain that they are not involved, or have ever been convicted of financial misappropriation, or any other crime involving moral turpitude. Pakistan has suffered enough because of misconceived powers assumed unto themselves by its rulers, both elected or dictatorial, who destroyed moral and constitutional fiber of this country and its economy either by their incompetence, or their indulgence in rampant corruption and insatiable greed.


Lahore, April 20.