Malakand - As many as 11 contestants are in the run for NA-35 Malakand in the forthcoming general elections.

As per details, total number of registered voters in Malakand are 311887 in which 177981 is male voters and 133996 female voters.

There are 11 candidates for NA-35 Malakand in the election.

Lal Mohammad Khan from PPPP, Sayed Bakhtar Mani from Jamaat-e-Islami, Hajji Fida Mohammad from PML(N), Hafiz Mohammad Saeed from JUI(F), Rahmat Shah Sayal from ANP, Junaid Akbar from PTI, Mohammad Ibrar Yousafzai from QWP while Mohammad Khan, Alamgeer Khan, Ijaz-ur-Rahman and Bacha Hussain will contest the election as an independent candidate. On PK-98 there are 16 candidates in the election race, in which Hameed Khan of PAMP, Bashir Bacha of QWP, Mohammad Ali Shah Bacha of PPPP, Shafi-ul-Allah Khan of ANP, Shahabzada Khalid Jan of JUI(F), Jamal-ud-din of Jamaat-e-Islami,  Yasar Khan Advocate of PTI, Mohammad Easal Khan of PML(N), while Jahangir Khan of Peoples workers Alliance, Mohammad Khan, Janat Hussain, Jehan Zarin, Yaqoob Khan, Darodan, Abdul Qadir and Mohammad Nasir will take part as independent candidate .

On PK-99 there are also 16th candidates in the run. Mohammad Hamayun Khan of PPPP, Shahraz Khan of Jamaat-e-Islami, Mulana Javeed of JUI(F), Shakeel Khan of PTI, Shuaib Khan of ANP, Mohammad Ishaq of JUP, Mohammad Ibrar Yousafzai of QWP, Muslim Khan of MAMP, Mohammad zada Bhutto of PPP (SB), Sajad Khan of PML (N), Hajji Qasim Qasab of Peoples workers Alliance while Suhail Ahmad, Ishan-ul-Allah, Naved Iqbal, Shakeel Ahmad (Col) Ibrar .

The real fight is for NA-35 Malakand for which PPPP Lal Mohammad Khan and Jamaat-e-Islami Sayed Bakhtar mani and on PK-98 PPPP Sayed Mohammad Ali Shah Bacha and peoples workers alliance Hajji Jahangir Khan and on PK-99 PPPP Engr Mohammad Hamayun Khan and Jamaat-e-Islami Shahraz Kahn on May 11.