JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch on Sunday said that problems of poverty, price spiral and unemployment could not be wiped out without ensuring a judicious distribution of the national resources.Addressing corner meetings on Sunday, he said that parties selling their election tickets to their members for millions and indulging in leg puling of each other could not steer the country out of the present crisis. He said that those securing party tickets for huge money would plunder billions of the national resources while the masses would have to bear the losses in the form of price spiral, loadshedding and unemployment. He said that Pakistan was gifted with rich natural resources but the corrupt politician had made it bankrupt, and warned that if the masses did not take the forthcoming election seriously and again voted for the corrupt, the country would suffer heavily and the man in the street would be stripped of even bare clothing. The JI leader said that since the creation of Pakistan, a handful of families had been having monopoly in national politics and the bulk of the country’s wealth was in their hands. “They were not willing to relinquish power at any cost. The members of these families had always been in power by changing parties frequently. Most of the political parties had been reduced to family concerns wherein poor workers could not even think of securing any respectable position,” he said.Baloch said that JI was the only party in which there was complete harmony from the top to the bottom, and where all decisions were taken by the Shoora and not by any individual. Baloch said that if the political parties had adopted the process of accountability, thieves, cheats and plunderers would not have been at their top nor had the menace been corruption gripped the society.