It is quite a shame that Pak-China nuclear deal whereby China will be providing a 1,000MW nuclear power plant to Pakistan is being seen by the detractors as a blatant violation of the non-proliferation regime. Even though it is for civil nuclear purposes, and has been confirmed by Pakistan and China’s governments that it is in full compliance with the IAEA safeguards, it also continued to be seen as a measure allowing Pakistan to build up its nuclear arsenal.

Both the US and India that have started picking holes in the cooperation are themselves engaged in the kind of deals that have raised many an eyebrow and constitute an obvious violation of the non-proliferation treaty. The Indo-US ‘civil nuclear deal’, considered to be for peaceful purposes, but has also bolstered India’s military muscle. Western capitals are always anxious at the prospect of China and Pakistan getting closer, but have themselves been sidestepping the question of when and how they would pursue their own disarmament and non-proliferation in a true sense of the word which among others means to get rid of their growing ‘nuclear cooperation’, as well as arsenal in order to make the world a safer place. There is Israel that continues to get atomic technology that it thinks is necessary to keep abreast of the Middle Eastern Muslim nations. The ensuing arms race that is resulting because of such overt support of Tel Aviv must be a cause for concern for the IAEA. It is very simple that until and unless the disarmament is uniform and without discrimination, it cannot succeed.

Pakistan and China, moreover, have strictly kept their cooperation under the rules and norms of the international safeguards. The power plants, including the present reactor are designed to contribute to the country’s energy needs. The paranoia that is being displayed at the moment only serves to highlight the double standards of a unipolar world.