KARACHI -  Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi chief Muhammad Hussain Mahenti on Sunday called on the caretaker government and the election commission to deploy army personnel at every polling station, voicing concerns over serious threats to workers over running party’s election offices by MQM-linked men in Karachi and transparency of the election process.

Interacting with the media at the inauguration event of party’s central election cell at Idara-e-Noor Haq, the JI leader alleged that a party election cell in Nazimabad No 2 was set afire by MQM-linked ‘terrorists’ on Saturday. He demanded the caretaker government and the election commission to take steps for proper security cover to the voters on the polling day.

Mahenti meanwhile formally announced names of party’s election candidates for elections to national and regional assemblies, and demanded dismissal of governors from all the provinces for having political affiliations. He reissued his call to election commission and law-enforcement agencies for ensuring fair and free elections under a proper security cover to the voters, complaining the caretaker government and law enforcement agencies were playing the role of silent spectators. The caretaker government was continuing the policies of the former coalition government formed by the PPP, MQM and ANP, he went on to say.

Mahenti told the media a ten-party alliance had been made to purge the city of target killers, extortionists and terrorists, keeping in view the poor law and order it had been through for the last 25 years. He feared bad impact on the entire country, if transparent elections did not take place, and said the JI wanted effective action to stop rigging in the next general elections.

The JI would not accept any bid to steal the polls on May 11 and would reject the results if it did happen, Mahenti warned, observing it was the responsibility of the caretaker government and election commission for take steps for transparent elections.

About detention of former president Pervez Musharraf, the JI leader said the former dictator should be awarded punishment according to the Article 6. He alleged that Musharraf and President Zardari have had supported terrorists of MQM for which the terror-stricken citizens would not forgive them.

The Jamaat-e-Islami nominated 12 election candidates for national assembly seats and 21 candidates for provincial assembly seats. These candidates include Muhammad Laeeq Khan to contest election for NA-241, Taj Muhammad for NA-242, Syed Muhammad Iqbal for NA-243, Syed Muhammad Bilal for NA-244, Dr Mairaj-ul-Huda for NA-245, Rashid Naseem for NA-246, Naimatullah Khan Advocate for NA-250, Zahid Saeed for NA-251, Muhammad Hussain Mahenti for NA-252, Asadullah Bhutto for NA-253, Abdul Jameel Khan for NA-255, Taufeequddin Siddiqui for NA-257. Although, Muhammad Ameer Tariq will contest election for PS-90, Abdur Razzaq for PS-93, Mukhtar Bin Hamid for PS-94, Taj Muhammad Khan for PS-95, Abdul Majeed Khaskheli for PS-97, Shafiq-ur-Rehman Usmani for PS-99, Muhammad Ahmed for PS-100, Naseem Siddiqui for PS-101, Syed Muhammad Iqbal for PS-102, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman for PS-103, Syed Wajih Hasan for PS-104, Farooq Naimatullah for PS-105, Fazl-ur-Rehman for PS-108, H M Hanif for PS-111, Nasrullah Shajih for PS-116, Sabir Ahmed for PS-117, Syed Qutub for PS-118, Rashid Mannan for PS-119, Zulfiqar Ali for PS-120, Maharuddin Afzal for PS-125 and Younus Barai for PS-126.

JI Karachi general secretary Naseem Siddiqui, other leader Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, Nasrullah Shajih, Raja Arif Sultan, Asadullah Bhutto, Younus Barai, Zahid Askari and others were also present at the inauguration event for party’s election cell.